Update on Covid @ South Mak

Evening family and whanau, The weather truly has made it very pleasant around school for all those able to attend.  Just as an update, alongside our current number of students and families isolating due to Covid we have been informed of a student who was at school today that has

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Principal's Vlogs

Update on Start of Year managing Covid:

Friday 28th January Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whānua, There are exciting times ahead. Come Tuesday the 1st of February we will enter another interesting year for education and for our whole community. I have waited to send information about how we will be starting the year until we have the

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About Us


South Makirikiri School has a rich and strong history. Makirikiri means stoney creek in Maori and is represented by a creek that originally flowed through the area.  This creek was home to four taniwhas and three trolls.


South Makirikiri School has been around since at least 1873.  School history prior to this is rather vague.  It is likely though that children commenced being taught here in 1859 – 1860 when it was a private school known as Upper Rangitikei School.

Local farmers cleared the land and built the school.  Many of these descendants still farm the area and have children attending the school today.

Combined community support has been instrumental in the success of the school.  This support has seen the development of tree planting programmes, a newly installed fintess track, carpark, field clearing, adventure playgrounds, the development of an Arts, Media and Technology Centre.

Our school takes into account our rich and strong history when planning for an exciting and fun future for our students.


Our school is proud of our vision.  This was created in 2004 after extensive community development and has now been embedded into our teaching and learning. It has been reviewed early this year and it was decided it is as relevant to our students today as it was back in 2004.

Respect, Empathy, Perseverance, Integrity and Aim High are the core values of focus.

“Learning is our TREASURE to SEEK and SHARE for life.”



All students will treasure, seek and share learning, in an environment that empowers them to reach their full potential whilst demonstrating our core school values.

At South Mak, we strive for students to…


  • Recognise and pursue their talents
  • Be reflective and valuable contributors to the community
  • Have strengths in Literacy and Numeracy
  • Be active seekers, users, and creators of knowledge
  • Have an awareness and appreciation of their environment


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