Update on Covid @ South Mak

Evening family and whanau, The weather truly has made it very pleasant around school for all those able to attend.  Just as an update, alongside our current number of students and families isolating due to Covid we have been informed of a student who was at school today that has

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Principal's Vlogs

Update on Start of Year managing Covid:

Friday 28th January Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whānua, There are exciting times ahead. Come Tuesday the 1st of February we will enter another interesting year for education and for our whole community. I have waited to send information about how we will be starting the year until we have the

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EOTC – Education Outside the Classroom

Education Outside the Classroom


EOTC programmes provide students with access to hands-on experiences that are not available inside the classroom. They offer unique and stimulating learning opportunities that support your child’s learning and achievement. These programmes are aligned with the National Curriculum.

Class Trips and Visits

As part of the class programme, day visits, multi-day camps, etc, are undertaken by classes. These are a valuable extension of the class programme and involve a large amount of work and organisation. However, their value is unquestioned.

Parent/caregiver help on such excursions is essential and any offers of transport or supervision at these times are greatly appreciated. Parents/caregivers offering transport are requested to be fully licensed, with a warranted and registered car. All occupants must wear a seatbelt and the driver must hold a full licence.

Tree planting at Bonny Glen

In Term 2 2023,  Room 3 and 6 worked together on the tree planting project at Bonny Glen Landfill.

This has been an opportunity for the senior students to work alongside the juniors collaborating in our local environment. It was brilliant seeing the Room 6 students nurturing the Room 3 students when planting  650 trees in three hours. Supervisors were very complimentary of the way the students stuck to the task and worked together in such a positive way. The teachers involved loved seeing the interaction between the classes and are looking forward to the next opportunity to collaborate.