After last night’s announcement we will preparing for a normal week at school under Level 2 conditions. Please continue to reinforce the healthy hand washing with our whānau and if your children are unwell to keep them at home. Any adults coming into school please use the contract tracing QR

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Fun Sticks Hockey

FUN STICKS HOCKEY-For those parents that this involves. Please go the Facebook page to indicate what would work the best for you. We are able to host FunSticks Hockey at South Mak as there are so many numbers going to Marton. (too many to manage at the venue) We have 10 students registered to be involved. (more may be interested now it is based at South Mak.)


Sports uniforms.

We have so many sports teams playing winter sports we need any school sports uniforms not being used to be returned to school ASAP. We know they can go missing and then surface in strange places but really need any unused uniforms to be returned, please.