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Sports Assembly

Sports Assembly
On Friday from 2.00 – 2.30 pm we will be holding a sports assembly.
Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, we are unable to invite parents/whanau to attend.
As we appreciate that parents would like to share in their children’s achievements we will be live streaming the assembly on our South Mak page.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Cross Country Important Information

Dear Parents and Whānau,

Cross country will be going ahead this Friday 22nd Oct. To meet the Public Health requirements along with following what the Marton Golf course requires of us spectators have the following guidelines:

  • Wear face masks
  • Scan in to the venue
  • Social distancing practices
  • Not associating with students (I know this will be hard but for the event to go ahead we need your cooperation) 
    • There will be some designated viewing spots for parents in different places.
    • There will be designated areas for students and we will work very hard to keep students in these areas.
  • All students stay at the venue until the end of the event.

This will also be a house event. Students are to come to school in their uniform and they can bring along a house coloured top to run in.

Please make sure that your child has a drink bottle of water packed for the day along with their lunch. Subway lunches will be delivered to the golf course if they have been ordered.

These are the order of the races – please note that the times are only an approximation.

Year 6-7-8 Girls               12:35

Year 6-7-8 Boys               12:50

Year 4-5 Boys/ Girls       1:10

Year 2-3 Boys/ Girls       1:25

Year NE-Yr 1 Boys Girls   1:35