After last night’s announcement we will preparing for a normal week at school under Level 2 conditions. Please continue to reinforce the healthy hand washing with our whānau and if your children are unwell to keep them at home. Any adults coming into school please use the contract tracing QR

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Netball @ South Mak Tuesday

We have been able to arrange a couple of schools to come and play netball at South Mak Tomorrow from 12:30.

The Year 5/6, and two year 7/8 teams along with a couple of boys to help out will be playing.


Court A- Year 7/8 Court B Year 5/6 Time      
South Mak B v Bulls South Mak v Bulls 12:30
South Mak A v St Matthews Clifton v St Matthews 12:45
South Mak A v Bulls  Marton Junction v Bulls 1:00
St Matthews v Marton Junction South Mak v Clifton 1:15
Bulls v South Mak A St Matthews v Marton Junction 1:30
Marton Junction v South Mak B Bulls v Clifton 1:45
South Mak B v St Matthews St Matthews v South Mak 2:00
Marton Junction v Bulls Marton Junction v Clifton 2:15