Principal's Vlogs

Pet Day announcement- We will be going virtual for 2021.

2021 Virtual Pet Day:

With our ever-evolving Covid climate we are pivoting to ensure every student still has the opportunity to present their pet for our Pet Day.

The challenges we have in regards to having large numbers of people on-site at school mean we are changing what Pet Day will look like for 2021. We have considered many different options and feel that we have come up with the solution that gives every student the opportunity to show off their pet/animal.

For 2021 we will be asking for each entry to provide a short video clip showing their animal off. This will then be submitted either via the students google classroom or via seesaw. We will still be judging the animals, it will just be through what we can see and hear in the video. 

Briefing: Each student will need to talk about their animal, what they do for care and attention, eg feeding, training, uniqueness and any interesting facts or stories. Include the age and breed. They will then need to show their animal via video recording.

Dogs, Lambs, Calf: Leading and handling. Taking them through a set of zig zags, stopping on command, walking over a small object or jumping some mini hurdles for dogs and showing any unique tricks. If you can create an obstacle course for them to complete that would be amazing. 

Other animals: Trying to get footage caring and tending to your pet/animal. (This may be hard for the ant farm or the beehives)

Dress up Lambs: If you are wishing to be included in the best-dressed lambs you will need to enter the video of the lamb dressed with its owner and displaying its unique character.

Videos will be no more than 4 minutes long and uploaded to students google drive or seesaw and shared with the teacher.

If you need support with a device to record the presentation please come in and see us.