Vaccination opportunity for Community/ Masks on School Transport

Latest Covid information- Friday 29th October   Opportunity for Covid  Vaccinations. On Monday 1st November the Whanganui Health Board will be running a pop-up vaccination centre at South Makirikiri School. This is providing the opportunity for students 12 and over along with anyone in our community to receive vaccinations. Students

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Class Placements 2022

As it is a busy time at the conclusion of the year we want to make sure we have a great balance in each class. 

Newsletters will be sent out next week with class placements and teachers for 2022. We thank you for your support with this.

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact me.


Stationery Packs will be available from the office again in 2022. If you wish to purchase your own stationery lists are available at the end of January. Prices are approximately $20-25 per pack.