Vaccination opportunity for Community/ Masks on School Transport

Latest Covid information- Friday 29th October   Opportunity for Covid  Vaccinations. On Monday 1st November the Whanganui Health Board will be running a pop-up vaccination centre at South Makirikiri School. This is providing the opportunity for students 12 and over along with anyone in our community to receive vaccinations. Students

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Principal's Vlogs

Hay fundraiser with FOS: Tuesday Night.

Welcome to 2022 everyone. Please go to the FOS facebook page to get alerts and reminders about the upcoming hay jobs. This creates amazing opportunities for all our students and we love seeing as many of our community out getting involved in this wonderful fundraising opportunity.
We look forward to sharing some hard mahi, good banter and a good catch up with everyone that can help.
Keep an eye out on this facebook page, through the school alerts and message Rob Simpson on 0273267626 or Greg Allan on 0272435147 if you want to be on the text chain.
Tuesday from 4:00pm at 918 Santoft Road. We would love to see as many people as possible making this as successful as last year.