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Pet Day

In light of our current Covid restrictions, we have had some clarity about having gatherings at school.
I have been working with the Ministry of Education guidelines which are as follow:

“As soon as your event or activity brings people onsite who are not there for education purposes, including students, parents and caregivers, then the rules for gatherings do apply, including limits on numbers attending. This would include performances such as school plays, cultural events, and sporting activities.

You’ll need to treat the running of any large programs with strong caution, particularly if there are large numbers of students (and parents and caregivers) involved at the same time. We’d recommend that these types of events are deferred until your school returns to Alert Level 1.”

We are in the position of really wanting to have our pet day go ahead but we will be in the situation that our pet day is open to the community where we are not able to stay under the 100 limit which will also includes our students.

We will enable parents to do the dropping off of animals and will need to schedule times but will not be able to have parents as spectators for the day.

We really would like your feedback on how we can make this work.

Returning to School under Level 2

We are looking forward to Thursday morning and the opportunity to see as many of our tamariki back at school. School will be open from 8:00am and students will be encouraged to use the sanitizer upon entry to school and the classrooms. Any parents coming into school please use the covid tracer app which is displayed around buildings, or sign in at the office. 

Face masks: It remains an option for individuals and a decision for the individuals and whānau. Whatever decisions students and teachers make, it is their own to make and needs to be respected.  Where an individual chooses to use a face-covering they should supply and wear their own, and to do so safely. This option applies to younger children too.
Public health advice for those under six is getting children to cough and sneeze into their elbow and wash and dry hands. The use of masks is permitted but not actively encouraged. 

School Buses: 

School transport returns to normal operations under Alert Level 2.
Face coverings
Face coverings are not required on school transport. 
Anyone who chooses to wear a face covering in any setting should be supported to do so. Face coverings are not required on school buses because schools know who is on school transport and have good systems in place to identify potential close contacts.
Any student who is unwell should not travel on a school bus.

Devices: Can all school devices be returned to the boxes provided outside Room 6 so we can give them a clean before they go back into the classrooms.

Water bottles: We encourage students to have a named drink bottle as the water fountains will not be operating. These will be able to be filled in classrooms.

Sickness: Please if your child is sick keep them at home. If your child comes to the office complaining of sickness we appreciate your support, coming and collecting them as soon as practical.

There will be more information around production and pet day arrangements once we have had a chance to come up with some solutions tomorrow. 

Thank you again for the amazing support for our tamariki and if we can support you in any way please let us know.




Latest Update on Start back at School for Level 2.

Morena everyone.

I have held off sending too many details until we received the latest update from the MOE. This has yet to arrive in my inbox but these are the plans for the next two days. 

As the Prime Minister has stated, schools have 48 hours to ensure that schools are ready for opening on Thursday 9th September. 
During today teachers will continue with online learning and tomorrow will be preparing for face-to-face teaching on Thursday. There are still a number of learning opportunities online for our tamariki can continue on with for Wednesday. All staff will be back at school on Wednesday where we will work through Production and Pet day scenarios along with classroom preparedness.
Those that have been involved in supervision at school will continue on Wednesday as planned. 
We want to thank each and every one of you for your help, engagement and proactiveness around our successful distance learning program. We cannot continue to make gains with our tamariki without a positive reciprocal relationship between home and school so it is really appreciated.
We’ll update you tomorrow when we hear further from the Ministry of Education.


Preparing for this week:

Those who are essential workers can you please advise by email that you will require supervision for your children on Monday and Tuesday. Please email

Like many of you, we will be waiting in anticipation for Tuesday’s announcement or if it comes any earlier for alert level changes. We will be prepared and organized for whatever eventuates. There may be some changes to dropoff times or procedures when coming into school. There will be more informati0n as it comes to hand. 

Looking forward to another eventful went and whatever the week brings.