Principal's Vlogs

Important Planning for Level 3 transition: Please complete form.

Afternoon everyone,

I am sure you all have been awaiting 3:00 announcement from the Prime Minister. As a result of the announcement to move to Level 3 at 11:59 Tuesday the 31st of August we need to put the planning in place now for as a school we will operate.

South Makirikiri school will be open from the 1st of September for those in essential work and needing the supervision for your children. This is for those that there is no other possible way to supervise them from home. The ultimate goal would be for learning to continue at home where possible.

We will be continuing with. home learning and those that do need supervision at school will be engaging in online learning and supervised in dedicated spaces. We will do this in a variety of ways as we have to work through who is able to supervise students at school.
There will direct instructions for those who do require supervision with dedicated times for dropping off and picking up, along with the rules we will have for around our school site.

Can you please complete the online form so we can start to get a picture for what the 1st of September for the staff that will be supporting supervision at school.

This again is a testing time for us all and we appreciate the way you are all working to support your families.

Thank you for your support in enabling learning to continue at home and know we will provide the supervision for those that need during level 3.