Principal's Vlogs

Pet Day

In light of our current Covid restrictions, we have had some clarity about having gatherings at school.
I have been working with the Ministry of Education guidelines which are as follow:

“As soon as your event or activity brings people onsite who are not there for education purposes, including students, parents and caregivers, then the rules for gatherings do apply, including limits on numbers attending. This would include performances such as school plays, cultural events, and sporting activities.

You’ll need to treat the running of any large programs with strong caution, particularly if there are large numbers of students (and parents and caregivers) involved at the same time. We’d recommend that these types of events are deferred until your school returns to Alert Level 1.”

We are in the position of really wanting to have our pet day go ahead but we will be in the situation that our pet day is open to the community where we are not able to stay under the 100 limit which will also includes our students.

We will enable parents to do the dropping off of animals and will need to schedule times but will not be able to have parents as spectators for the day.

We really would like your feedback on how we can make this work.