Update on Covid @ South Mak

Evening family and whanau, The weather truly has made it very pleasant around school for all those able to attend.  Just as an update, alongside our current number of students and families isolating due to Covid we have been informed of a student who was at school today that has

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Update on Start of Year managing Covid:

Friday 28th January Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whānua, There are exciting times ahead. Come Tuesday the 1st of February we will enter another interesting year for education and for our whole community. I have waited to send information about how we will be starting the year until we have the

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Vaccination opportunity for Community/ Masks on School Transport

Latest Covid information- Friday 29th October


Opportunity for Covid  Vaccinations. On Monday 1st November the Whanganui Health Board will be running a pop-up vaccination centre at South Makirikiri School. This is providing the opportunity for students 12 and over along with anyone in our community to receive vaccinations.

Students 12 and over will need a parent present. Any of the community will be able to stop in the Media Centre from 2:30-5:00 and receive their vaccination. If you know anyone in the community who is wanting to get either their first or second vaccination please let them know that Monday from 2:30 will be available.


This is making use of the people resource the WHB have here given some senior students their HPV Year 8 vaccinations. 


Masks on Buses:

We have been advised of a review of the wearing of face masks on school buses. The information is as follows.

Students aged 12 and over

 The exemption from wearing face coverings for students on school transport has been revoked under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level Requirements) Health Order.

 This means that everyone 12 years and older legally must wear a face covering on school transport services (both Ministry and regional council-operated) at all alert levels unless they have an exemption.

This includes SESTA, daily, technology, direct resourced, and Māori-medium school transport services. It also includes charter buses hired by schools to transport students and staff. 

 Please note, while the school transport drivers are not required to enforce the wearing of face coverings, they will report any non-compliance to your school’s bus controller (noting that some students may be exempt from face-covering requirements for health and safety reasons). Schools are expected to manage any non-compliance just as they currently manage behavioural issues of school transport users.


Students under 12

While we encourage all students to wear face coverings on school transport, students aged under 12 are not required to wear face coverings.


From Monday we ask that you help us with this Health order request.


We will provide masks for those who forget. 

If your child/children have an exemption please let us know.

Thanks for your support with this.


Greg Allan